Dr Brian Williams President of BC Market Solutions


Dr. Brian Williams stands with Sheila Edmondson, Venessa Kadiri and J. Milton Goodman manager of the Dept of Small & Local Business Development.

Dr. Brian Williams stands with Sheila Edmondson, Venessa Kadiri and J. Milton Goodman manager of the Dept of Small & Local Business Development.

Dr. Brian Williams President of BC Market Solutions a SDVOSB with CVE certification meets on Capitol Hill in Washington DC with the Department of Small & Local Business Development (DSLBD) and DC PTAC to enhance his position within the governmental procurement process.  Dr. Williams states “it is vital to understand the requirements needed to be successful within this industry as you become a valuable asset to the largest purchasing agency in the world.  It is the support of our local PTAC agents and offices like the DSLBD who make it possible for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses to gain ground as they leverage their set aside preference to the Federal Government."

Currently BC Market Solutions is a qualified supplier to over 77 Federal, State and local agency.   Dr. Brian Williams success is contributed to his local agent Sheila Kreason and PTAC office located in Muskegon Michigan.


BC governmental awards
BC governmental awards

Dr. Brian Williams, President of BC Market Solutions seeks partnership with Muskegon Area First Procurement Technical Assistance Center in establishing governmental awarded contracts.

"I am excited to work with dedicated experts like Sheila Kreason who is a PTAC agent from Muskegon Area First.  She understands the procurement process needed to win governmental contracts.  Her insight and high level leadership landed our company in securing our first government award in less than 30 days after partnering with her orginization.  Mrs. Kreason helped mainstream our corporate goals as we began to understand the techniques needed to leverage our Services Disabled Set-aside Statues to attract new governmental business".

TheMuskegon Area First PTAC provides procurement advice and counseling to Michigan companies interested in doing business with local, state, and federal governments, and is funded in part by MEDC.  The PTAC supports our national security by ensuring a broad base of capable suppliers for the defense industry and other agencies, thereby increasing competition, which supports better products and services at lower costs.


BC Market Solutions becomes federally recognized by the Veterans Affairs with CVE certification. Dr. Brian Williams re-position BC MARKET SOLUTIONS, LLC as federally recognized governmental procurement company and becomes qualified with CVE certification by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization as Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) within the Governmental Procurement acquisition process servicing over 77 Federal Agency with set aside purchasing programs.

Dr. Brian Williams President of BC Market Solutions LLC is a Combat Disabled Veteran who served during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm during the liberation of Kuwait and other combat tours.

Today Dr. Brian Williams efforts have been Peace through Business Development in addition to spreading human right initiatives throughout the world.