Pallet Repair Systems

Conveying systems are a good way to increase productivity in any assembly or industrial manufacturing environment. BC Market Solutions specializes in ergonomic work station assembly and in addition to pallet repair systems. Our work station “Pallet Repair Concepts™” manages the flow of pallets to each station where the pallet can be inspected and then repaired. Accumulation conveyor such as belt driven live roller, padded chain conveyor or even line shaft conveyor can be incorporated and integrated into our high speed pallet stacking system or our single pallet stacker.

The benefits to our Pallet Repair Concepts™ are to maximize the increase of pallet repairs or pallet sortation without added more labor to the department and further increasing the company’s profit margins.

Other efficiency can be incorporated such as:

  • Continuous pass through motion for pallet repair.
  • Pallet tracking and integrated repair counts for piece rate & payouts.
  • Overhead ergonomic tool balancers for motion relief.
  • Slider bed conveyor to centrally locating all scrape wood and broken pallet boards.
  • In-feed conveyor or pallet dispensers for continuous in-bound flow of pallets.
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